Have you ever wanted to know how many patients a particular referring Physician is sending you? Or what insurance carrier is paying the most for a particular procedure? We can customize your statistics to answer these and many other questions.

Why Choose Us?

First it is simple. We partner with our clients. It never feels like you are outsourcing your billing. We are dedicated and committed to treating our clients as part of our family. Many of our clients have been with us since the beginning.

Second. We listen to your goals and dreams that you have for your practice and make sure that the infrastructure is in place to help support that vision.

Third we will help by:

  • Reducing payroll savings from benefit packages, paid vacations, insurance and social security taxes which will allow better benefits for key personnel
  • Paying for all updated technology and software
  • Decreasing your account receivable balances
  • Providing you and the Doctor more time to do what is best... give quality time and care to your patients