Have you ever wanted to know how many patients a particular referring Physician is sending you? Or what insurance carrier is paying the most for a particular procedure? We can customize your statistics to answer these and many other questions.


Maximum Reimbursement is one of the best billing services we have ever used. We have used them for many years and can’t think of any other service that would please us anymore then they have. The office staff is friendly and helpful and always on top of any new laws and insurance changes. They are the BEST around.

Manager Doyne Medical

The staff at Maximum Reimbursement is so great. They have been doing out billing for over five years and can’t say one negative thing about them. We have 2 offices with multiple doctors and PA’s. Every month we get personalized reports broke down between providers and locations. We utilize there appointment scheduling software as well as the online eligibility checking software. The service we get is beyond anything we could have ever asked for.

Administrator Wolfson and Wolfson Medical

We have been using Maximum Reimbursement since March of 2008. We feel that their services are extraordinary and are met to the highest standards possible.

Grant B.
Sonoran Medical Imaging